Terms and Conditions


Website / Application / Software Development Payment Obligations:

A down payment is required in order to begin development of your project. This is usually 30% of the upfront design fee, unless an alternative contract or proposal specifies a different amount. The outstanding balance on your project is due after the design, navigation and pages have been approved and built. Final payment is due regardless of whether all content for the pages has been sent by the client. This provision is in place to encourage the client to get content submitted promptly so that their site can go live. It also ensures that PROEINS SOLUTIONS LLP gets paid for performing their duty under the proposal, despite tardy content from the client. After payment, PROEINS SOLUTIONS LLP will still edit/correct content AT NO CHARGE for 01 months. After a month have expired, content posted to site will be billable at our current regular hourly rate. In the event that design and navigation changes are requested after they have been specifically approved by the client, these changes will be billable at our current regular hourly rate.



If project (website / application / software / app) design and development work has already begun (such as creating a design concept), then the down payment is non-refundable. PROEINS SOLUTIONS LLP may elect at its sole discretion to offer a partial refund depending upon the circumstances of job work cancellation. In case domain is purchased, it can not be cancelled and no refund will be entertained.



There are mostly 02 types of ongoing costs: domain registration and server hosting. Domain name registration: This cost recurs annually. Domain name registration gives you exclusive rights to a certain name, such as www.example.com (your domain), so that you can use it for your web-based purposes. You are NOT required to register a domain through us, but we strongly PREFER that you do. Many services are not honest in the way they sell names and we spend a lot of time helping people re-secure rights to the name they thought they had already purchased. If you have registered your own name, make sure you have yourself as the Registrant and Administrative Contact with a current, easily accessible email address. This will help to ensure that your domain can be renewed or transferred should the need arise. Domain name registration fees are not refundable. Server Hosting: This cost recurs annually. Hosting places the domain name & code files on a particular server connected to the web, which allows you to post a website/application for viewing through a browser. You are NOT required to host through us, but we strongly PREFER that you do. Hosting comes with domain-based emails, bandwidth, storage space, database and security tools, and other features. Projects that involve custom programming must be hosted with PROEINS SOLUTIONS LLP to ensure the programs that we write will work. If you want to host your site on another server this must be disclosed before we begin programming.



Your hosting account will be automatically renewed under the same time and fee structure unless you give written notice to PROEINS SOLUTIONS LLP fifteen (15) days before the renewal date that you do not wish to renew the account.



You may cancel at anytime. If you cancel before the first 10 days from the opening of your account then some portion can be refunded (TBD on mutual understanding). If you cancel after the first 10 days, you will be obligated to pay all fees and charges accrued prior to the effective date of the cancellation. PROEINS SOLUTIONS LLP will refund the prepaid fees for basic hosting for the full months remaining after effective date of the cancellation, less any prior fees and charges, and an early cancellation fee (TBD on mutual understanding). Accounts that are terminated by PROEINS SOLUTIONS LLP for abuse or violations of internet standards or these terms and conditions will not receive any refund. All cancellations must be received in writing according to the deadlines indicated: regular mail and e-mail are acceptable only. Phone requests will not constitute acceptance of any cancellation.

Refunds will be issued back to you within 15 business days from your cancellation date.



Should client decide to host their site/web application/software/app on another server, PROEINS SOLUTIONS LLP cannot guarantee the all elements of the site will work. PROEINS SOLUTIONS LLP will make a reasonable effort to research the problem on the foreign platform to let the client know what we think the problem is. However, we cannot take responsibility for problems caused by or on another hosting server, including but not limited to email, FTP, SSL, database, server software, and site security issues. If PROEINS SOLUTIONS LLP believes it will take a significant amount of time to fix the problem, we will advise the client before proceeding. In most cases, fixing problems on a foreign hosting server is billable.



There are no required maintenance fees other than domain registration and hosting. Most people do some work on their site every year, for which we offer several plans. We can make certain parts of the site/application updatable by you by implementing a custom Content Management System, or installing a blog. For work we do on the site, after going live, we charge on an hourly basis. If you expect that maintenance will be a regular occurrence, you can buy a prepaid maintenance contract that affords a discounted hourly rate. If need be, we can customize a maintenance plan for your particular needs, but no plan is required.



We offer local and long-distance phone/email/web based support to our clients. We do not normally bill for technical support depending on the source of the problem, its severity, and our time invested. If PROEINS SOLUTIONS LLP is not the source of the problem, technical support may be billable.



Should client contract with PROEINS SOLUTIONS LLP to write custom code for a website application, this code is not transferable to a new developer or host. Custom written source code is considered the property of PROEINS SOLUTIONS LLP Web Development and cannot be shared with other developers. Clients are granted a license to use custom software code while on PROEINS SOLUTIONS LLP servers only. PROEINS SOLUTIONS LLP Web Development retains ownership of the code. In some cases, PROEINS SOLUTIONS LLP will install software for the client’s use that has been built by a third party. Examples include WordPress blog software, FCK editor software, shopping carts, photo galleries, etc. In these instances, clients will be subject to the terms and conditions of the third party who owns the software, and may use the software as a licensee only. No ownership rights of any kind are transferred to the client.



By filling the enquiry form you agree that PROEINS SOLUTIONS LLP may use your name, email address, phone number or other data to communicate with you through calls, SMS and emails, either by itself or through any of its designates (franchisees, outsourcing call centres, information team, sales executive etc.). You may receive newsletters, e – brochures, emailers, SMS from PROEINS SOLUTIONS LLP. You can request to have your information modified or deleted from our records to us by sending mail to info@proeins.com any time if you wish to. PROEINS SOLUTIONS LLP assures you that it will not sell this information to any third party.



PROEINS SOLUTIONS LLP uses payment gateway for its transitions and all client details including Credit / Debit Card, UPI and net banking information is handled by secure gateway.