System Integrator

Embedded & Integration Services

ProEins undertakes complex projects on a turn-key basis in the field of IT and Electronics, which involve integrated delivery of applications, bundled with all necessary hardware, software and as required security equipment.

To ensure results of a high standard, the company follows proven methodologies and relies on a wide spectrum of qualified and experienced staff as well as on a professional industrial environment.

ProEins experienced consultants hold a wealth of knowledge and expertise in various domains to enable us to deliver custom-tailored solutions that meet the needs and challenges of every organization. Our IT consulting services catalyze transformation in a competitive and fast-paced business environment. They help clients or organizations remain agile, innovative, and future-ready. Our projects include – Mechanics & Robotics, GPS, RFID, automation of various utility gadgets for college students, sensor-based projects, Spy Gadgets, Security Systems, a diverse range of electronic components and gadgets etc.

ProEins provides numerous Educational Kits for students as well as person-to-person like – Aero Modelling Parts, Robotics parts, electronic parts and components, to make your hardware possible. Whether it's a robot that can fight a robot or an accident-avoiding system, parts for your mechanical project or Electronic Modules, we have everything in our store.

Dedicated Projects

Customized Integrated Services

ProEins is dealing with more than 100+ different kinds of such projects.

  • GPS based Location Tracking System
  • SMS based Smart Advertisement Board
  • Gas Leakage Detection Alarm
  • SMS based Vehicle Ignition System
  • Wireless Attendant Calling System
  • Wireless Home Automation System

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